Fire & Ice InDurham

Fire&Ice InDurham is a must-do for many families across Durham and we’re delighted to confirm that this much-loved event will be making a return to the City during the final weekend of the February Half Term break.

Building on the popularity of the event, now in its third iteration, this year’s theme of Fire&Ice InDurham will follow the concept of ‘Literary Characters’.  With 10 ice sculptures carefully carved by the team at Glacial Arts and placed around the City seeing the trail lit by flaming beacons, the installations will bring to life some of the region’s most-loved storybook characters.

Installations this year will feature some classics from tales of old, more contemporary characters from some of Britain’s best loved authors, and icy interpretations of well-known characters who’ve made the transition from the pages of books to being blockbusters on the big screen. Each evening of the event will culminate in a spectacular grand finale, seeing shooting water jets and fiery flames dancing in time to a rousing soundtrack that's fitting for the literary theme.