Nick Harper and Matt Grant

Empty Shop HQ


Sunday16:00 - 19:00

Nick Harper, as many people will be aware is the son of the legendary UK singer-songwriter Roy Harper and having grown up surrounded by the likes of Keith Moon, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and Dave Gilmour it is therefore not surprising that Nick became a musician himself. He has played guitar from the age of 10 and made his recording debut on his father's 1985 album Whatever Happened to Jugula? Nick's talent and energy understandably garnered attention from Roy's fans and it was almost inevitable that he would begin touring and recording in his own right.

To call Nick an outstanding singer/songwriter could put his considerable guitar talent in the shade, and to call him an amazing guitarist might slight his distinctive, soulful voice and passionate songs. After 9 studio albums, a double live CD, 2 EPs and a rockumentary style DVD 'Love is Music' Nick's work is still as fresh and vital as that of his first solo release in 1994. Between albums Nick is known for touring with a vengeance - he's now appeared at Glastonbury six times.

A Nick Harper live show could be described as something of a wild-ride – so when he comes to Empty Shop HQ expect biting political satire and personal introspection delivered with a charmingly caustic wit that would make Groucho Marx proud. He often segues from his own compositions to well-loved covers he has made his own. He also has the alarming ability to break guitar strings almost by sheer force of will… and then change them without dropping a beat.

'Harper has so much musicianship in him that it just leaks out all over the place.' - The Times

'If you've never seen Nick Harper live, you're missing out on one of the musical phenomenon's of our age.' - The Glasgow Herald

'Dylan for the iPod generation...Betjeman with a guitar'- Guitarist Magazine

'One of the finest guitarists of his generation, his soaring vocal range and propensity for epic song place him somewhere between Rufus Wainright and Jeff Buckley.' - MOJO


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